Color Series: “Going Green”

As a part of my color series, I plan to focus on one color each month that I feel best represents the month and the current season. Colors carry so much meaning and can have a large impact on our moods, perceptions, etc. In this series, I hope to emphasize these impacts and briefly highlight the meaning behind each fantastic color. 

Green. A perfect color to describe the bridge between spring and summer. The rain from the spring months has brightened all vegetation around us, and the heat of the summer has yet to dull its brightness. In literature, the color green is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. Green has also become associated with sustainability, going green, and gardening, a more literal form of rebirth. Green is the color of positivity, and communicates energy, creativity, and joyfulness. It’s a color fueled by creative drive and opportunity for fresh starts, the perfect thing for summer.


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