Never Stop Pursuing

This past semester, I got the opportunity to take a very interesting class. The whole objective of this class was to conduct in depth research into an area of interest. I got to choose my topic of study, set my own syllabus, and develop my own research. This class provided a very unique opportunity for me to dive headfirst into topics that I had hoped to learn more about for a long time. For me, this class encompassed some of the best aspects of college. It revolved around the pure pursuit of knowledge. But not just any knowledge. Knowledge that each student wanted to obtain and knowledge that was most meaningful to each individual and their future career goals.

In addition to design, I’ve always had a passion for writing (one of the main reasons why I decided to start up a blog). So for my topic of study, I chose to focus on stories and how they can relate to the design of things. This class gave me a reason to study into a topic that I had previously hoped, but never had time, to study. It has helped me to slowly change my perspective on college. When I first started my time at the university, I viewed it as another hoop to jump through before moving on to my career. But now, I’m starting to view it as something to be appreciated. Not all aspects of college are positive. (No one views college as a good thing during finals week). But it does provide students with the ability to pursue any topic of study or ask any question, and highly encourages them to do so.

Now that this semester has drawn to a close, I plan to continue pursuing things. I have a few personal goals, things that I’d like to learn more about or become better at. I plan to delve into my writing, my art, and my blogging, among other things.

The opportunities that I have as a college student are really special and if you are now, or someday find yourself, in the same situation, I highly suggest taking full advantage of the opportunities. However, the college campus isn’t the only place that this pursuit of knowledge can take place. We all have busy schedules and time can be a common constraint. But just devoting a little time each week to researching a topic or developing a skill can add meaning and excitement to everyday life and help combat feelings of complacency. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, whatever it is that you want to learn about, pursue it wholeheartedly.

The post was written in response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Pursue


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